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  1. wilphid · August 8, 2011

    Photos from your greatshow in La Roche sur Foron:
    Camilla Niedeman (Le Chat Mort)

  2. Ross · August 8, 2017

    It’s always great to come back from a bluegrass festival with some new sounds of course after seeing a good fresh show or two.
    This year I had had a bit of an overdose of pure bluegrass picking and I was up for new sounds. So it came as no surprise that this group won the band competition. The show was infectiously fun, the songs were astoundingly well written, the playing was s*** hot and the arrangements excellently balanced. The set was finely crafted and had a bit of everything I enjoy, a bit of blues, a spot of gospel, a zest of New Orleans, some Rock n Roll, Swing and Bluegrass too. Hope you keep it coming, because you are on a roller by the looks of things. La GuĂȘpe!

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