Roses (2014) – Release date 16.01.2014


List of songs:

1. Shoot Me Down
2. Roses
3. Didn’t He Ramble
4. Dinah
5. Mama’s Got A Baby
6. Poor Me
7. Eyes Closed
8. Bye Bye Baby Bye
9. Don’t You Just Know It
10. Fun Fun
11. Hurt Me Too
12. Iko Iko


Let It Snow (2013) – Only Digital Release

Let It Snow

List of songs:

1. Let It Snow
2. Winter Wonderland








Le Chat Mort (2011)

Le Chat Mort Cover2

List of songs:

1. Foggy Mountain Top
2. Junco Partner
3. Weeping Town
4. Been All Around This World
5. Careless Love
6. Diamonds
7. I Get Down
8. Bloodshot Eyes





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