Previous Album now on iTunes & Spotify

Our album from 2011 is now available on Spotify and iTunes.

The album was printed in only 400 copies and sold out quickly. So here’s a great opportunity to get it, if you still haven’t got your hands on it!

Le Chat Mort Cover2







USA Tour 2013

Made it home sound and safe to Stockholm after two intense weeks of playing in New York City, West Virginia and Virginia. This was our first tour in America, and hopefully there will be many more. Playing one week in Manhattan, Harlem & Brooklyn, and the other week driving through the Appalachian mountains in West Virginia and Virginia, playing the music we love, was a dream come true. Down under is a few pictures from the trip. More can be find in “Photos”

We also did a “sneak release” of our upcoming album “Roses” on the tour. Here’s a great review from Elliot’s Old Time Music Blog!

There’s also few videos to check out!






Halfway through on US tour!

Just arrived on the beautiful country side of West Virginia after a great week of playing in New York City.
This is our week in West Virginia and Virginia:

July 9 – The Purple Fiddle – Thomas, WV
July 10 – Black Bear Restaurant – Morgantown, WV
July 11 – 123 Pleasant Street – Morgantown, WV
July 12 – Reddish Knob – Red Wing Roots Festival – Virginia
July 13 – Mt Crawford Lawn Party – Virginia

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