Lasse i Parken – 28 Augusti

Imorgon, tisdag 28 augusti, gör vi en spontan spelning på Lasse i Parken, vid Hornstull i Stockholm. Tre band kommer att underhålla och vi är sist ut, klockan 21:00. Här är spelordningen:

Sommarens sista Country House i Parken!!

19:00 Charlee Porter
20:00 Heavenly blues
21:00 Le Chat Mort


Back to France

Back from the dead (or summer vacation). Tomorrow we’re flying to france to play at one of our favourite festivals, La Roche Bluegrass Festival. Last year we had a blast there and we look forward to see some familiar faces. Friday 3 august we’re doing a show at Brasserie Mino 13:00, and Sunday 5 august we’re playing at the big stage 21:00! See you there!

Here’s a clip from our show at Kägelbanan in Stockholm, 4 May:

The Dead Cat, through the lens of Marie Herdensjö

In the waiting for this summer to begin, we got our hands on some great photos from last summers Europe tour, snapped by photographer Marie Herdensjö. Here’s a few of them and more can be find under “photos“:

Check out her own page:

And then the bad news.. 

Bluegrass pioneer and banjo legend, Earl Scruggs died two days ago, on March 28. Practically every banjo player, including myself has Earl to thank for a big part of our sound and the style we play in. As Steve Martin put it: “Few players have changed the way we hear an instrument the way Earl has, putting him in a category with Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Chet Atkins, and Jimi Hendrix.”

Rest in peace Earl, and thank you for the music!

And the shows go on..

Happy New 2012 to everyone!

We had an amazing 2011 and it was probably the best year for us so far. We’ve played a lots of great and unforgettable shows and especially going on tour through Germany, Netherlands and France made this year very special. We actually already have plans to revisit some of those places this summer. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Amanda, great bass player from swedish bluegrass band “Spinning Jennies” who was our stand in on bass during this tour. Thank you Amanda!





There’s been some change of members in Le Chat Mort also in 2011. Mats who played bass with us from the beginning has quit the band to give more time for his own projects. Our new bass player since autumn 2011 is Matti Friberg, a great musician from Jakobsberg who does the job very well. Matti has not been easy to catch on photo, so for now this drawn picture somebody made at our last gig, is the only hint on what he looks like.






We hope to see as many of you as possible in future gigs. Our next one is in Sunne, Värmland at Indoor Country Festival 28 January. In Stockholm our next official gig is at Fotografiska Museet 16 February. We’ve almost sold out our latest record, but there are few left for you who wich to purchase it!

Few shots from this summer and a video from Hasenschaukel in Hamburg!


See ya a lot in 2012!!